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Siri Spranz is a young horse specialist and is available for handling young horses, starting youngsters under saddle and continuing the education of young horses.  She can also take horses that need to be prepared for sale or for exposure for first outings and competitions.

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Siri has done an amazing job with my GRPxWB would highly recommend her. Over the past six weeks she has given me video updates/texts. He is exactly as she described him. Her hand over is excellent, I have been for one ride and am looking forward to going with my coach tomorrow. Fabulous service - 11/10 because she goes above and beyond.

Marisa Dee


Siri caters for each horse as an individual and achieves amazing things in the short time they are with her. Our horse was exposed to a range of things and was cared for beautifully for her stay. I loved that we were welcomed to come ride at various points of the training process. Highly recommend, Thankyou so much.

Danielle Elliott


Siri came highly recommend to me after I had hit a road block with my boy after owning him a couple years. I first send him to her for 2 weeks and Just in that time he became a different horse , he then spent another 2 weeks a little while after to continue further with the education. it has been 9 months since the first visit and we still continue to build and to grow with the help of Siri. Weather you are looking for a horse to be broken in or just wanting to work through that road block I couldn’t recommend Siri highly enough . She has put up with me and my tears of frustration but always lifts my chin up with support.

Krystle Kingsford


I cannot thank Siri enough for all the work she has put into Brady and I! Wouldn’t go anywhere is she is amazing and everything she has taught me has changed my riding and my horse for the better! Extremely blessed to have such an incredible coach.

Brianna Collins


Thank you Siri for your patience, care and professional kindy training of my 11month old filly, highly recommend Siri.

Tania Verbickis Ettridge


Thank you so much for you fine tuning and education of our little mare. She is a delight and we are off and taking on new adventures every day since we picked her up!

I love that your training is with kindness, it’s gentle but it’s correct and clear. Thank you Siri

Lisa Dell'Agostino


Siri is doing an absolutely amazing job with my Gypsy x. He has made so much progress in such a short time and is really happy and settled. She keeps me regularly updated about his progress and he always looks so happy when he is working with her. I’m impressed!

Kathy Prochyra


Siri came highly recommended and she did not disappoint. I am so thrilled with my young horse after sending him to Siri for breaking in. She did a fantastic job and was wonderful to deal with through out. I can not thank Siri enough for all the work and taking such good care of Scotty.

Samantha Welch


Dynamik Stallions highly recommend Siri to start young horses under saddle and also to educate them and expose them to new things in a kind way. All youngsters ridden by Siri go in a super soft and forward way with a great frame and connection.

Kristy Renae Jarvis


I cannot recommend Siri highly enough! She has done the most amazing job backing my youngster, he is so awesome to ride. She was lovely to deal with and her care of my horse was top class!

  • 5 stars

Nicole Groves

Having grown up in Germany, Siri started her riding career with vaulting and has a lot of experience with young dressage and show jumping horses.  She has started hundreds of horses under saddle including Thoroughbreds for the racing industry, Warmbloods and ponies.


Siri prides herself on starting young horses under saddle to get them moving in a relaxed, forward and soft way of going in a good frame. These young horses are started and not only ridden in a dressage arena, but are also ridden out in the open show jumping area and on bush rides so that they are going in a solid and safe way for their owner.


Siri has bred many Warmbloods and German Riding Ponies over the years.  Youngsters are often for sale either as foals or started under saddle.

Stella Equestrian has a reliable and experienced team to ensure that horses staying at the facility receive top quality care and excellent handling.


Reasonable rates for a top quality job with 5 star safe facilities.

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